The impact of getting the two super power into trade war is not that easily conceived, the reason and the demand behind it, with this analysis, we will check an easy concept of determining the end result of this “trade war”.

Leaving behind all those rants on both side, the US is in the offensive side and China is on the defensive side which is being shown or emphasize by the media. We all know by now that US is a bit influencing or if not it is taken as a second thought to think about by other nations to follow their sanctions being done to China via Technology Firm like Huawei, and the latest is UK following their footsteps but not that abruptly taking it into action but they have timeline to follow and taking into consideration the impact in their economy and the society itself.

This specific and concrete form of analysis concludes that this trade war between the two giant economy are tremendously affecting both economic and social disparity of many nations.

The usual concept of trade refers to the exchange of goods and services between countries. In a globalized world, international trade is a crucial component of economic growth and development.

The case of China and the US is an interesting one when it comes to trade. China has become a major player in the global economy, and the US is one of its largest trading partners. The two countries have a complex relationship, with both economic cooperation and competition.

China is known for its manufacturing capabilities and exports a wide range of goods to the US, including electronics, clothing, and machinery. In turn, the US exports goods to China, such as agricultural products, machinery, and chemicals.

However, there have been ongoing concerns about the trade imbalance between the two countries, with the US importing more goods from China than it exports. The US has also accused China of engaging in unfair trade practices, such as currency manipulation and intellectual property theft.

To address these issues, the two countries have engaged in negotiations and imposed tariffs on each other’s goods. These measures have caused significant disruptions to trade and have had ripple effects on the global economy.

Overall, the concept of trade between China and the US is complex and constantly evolving, with both cooperation and competition playing a role in the relationship.