The most specialized use of technology benefits from safety, security, and surveillance on a particular level of significance for each client. To meet the real needs of our client, we planned the selected application, assisting our clients in selecting the most appropriate customization for their needs in order to make the most of their budgetary resources without sacrificing the service’s intended goal. One of the most difficult applications we offer to our clients is commercial and residential automation. This enables us to collaborate with them using the most cutting-edge technology in the information and communications technology sector. We make sure that everyone of our customers is happy and motivated to get the most out of this service.


RF Engineering Works:

  • 1. RF Planning and Design (RNP)
  • 2. RF Technical Site Survey and TSSR Generation
  • 3. RF Drive Test Service and Analysis Report
  • 4. BTS Installation, Commissioning and Integration
  • 5. IBS Planning and Design
  • 6. IBS Technical Site Survey with TSSR
  • 7. Antenna and Cable Testing
  • 8. Radio Network Optimization (RNO)

Microwave Communication Systems Engineering Works:

  • 1. MW Communications Design and Planning
  • 2. MW Communications TSSR Generation
  • 3. MW Installation, Commissioning and Integration
  • 4. MW Communications Technical Survey (LOS/NLOS Site Verification)
  • 5. MW Communications Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Investigation

Two-Way Radio Communication Network Design:

  • 1. Two-Way Radio Network Design Application. (e.g. Land Mobile Station, Portable Station, Repeater Station)


Video Surveillance Network:

  • 1. Planning, Design and Implementation of Video Surveillance Network.
  • 2. Central Monitoring System or Network Command Centre Design and Implementation.

Intelligent Security Systems Network:

  • 1. Planning, Design and Implementation of Intelligent Security System.
  • 2. Street Level Security System
  • 3. Local Government Territorial Security System
  • 4. Home Intelligent System: Security and Home Entrance Automation and Application

Intelligent Traffic Monitoring Systems Application:

  • 1. Planning, Design and Implementation of Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System.
    • Street Level Traffic Monitoring System
    • Local Government Territorial Traffic Monitoring System
    • National High-Ways Traffic Monitoring System.


Database Management:

  • 1. Application Management and Licensing Systems Database
  • 2. School Enrolment Automation Process and Student Record Database
  • 3. Hospital Patient Database
  • 4. Municipal and City Hall Database
  • 5. Barangay Database
  • 6. Network Management Database
  • 7. Network Logs and Fault Monitoring Database

Business Process Automation:

  • 1. Software Application Development
  • 2. Customized Application for Business Development

Network Performance Monitoring and Report:

  • 1. Network Logs Post-Processing and Analysis Report
  • 2. KPI Network Benchmarking

Additional IT Services:

  • 1. LAN Design and Configuration (include Installation)
  • 2. Server Integration and Installation


As an FDAS and sprinkler service provider, specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of fire protection systems for buildings of all types and sizes. Our services may include:

  1. Fire detection and alarm system installation: Our company can design and install FDAS systems that are tailored to the specific needs of your clients’ buildings, ensuring that they meet all relevant safety codes and standards.
  2. Sprinkler system installation: Our company can also design and install sprinkler systems, which can help to quickly and effectively extinguish fires before they have a chance to spread.
  3. Regular maintenance and testing: Our company can provide regular maintenance and testing of FDAS and sprinkler systems to ensure that they are functioning properly and are ready to protect the building in the event of a fire.
  4. Emergency repairs: In the event of a system malfunction or failure, our company can provide emergency repair services to quickly restore the system to full functionality.

As an FDAS and sprinkler service provider, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest safety codes and standards, and to ensure that our employees are well-trained and qualified to provide high-quality services to our clients. By offering reliable and effective fire protection services, you can help keep buildings and its occupants safe from the dangers of fire.


Site Acquisition – Permitting and Contract/Lease Agreement:

  • Barangay Clearance and Resolution
  • Building Permit and Business Permit
  • DOH and CAAP Clearance
  • Contract /Lease Agreement

NTC Regulatory and Permitting/Licensing Services

  • Permit to Purchase
  • Permit to Possess
  • Construction Permit
  • Radio Station License
  • Type Acceptance Certificate – Radio Equipment
  • Dealer’s Permit and other NTC Permits and Licenses